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The Digital assistants

Business as usual: take care of your everyday affairs, such as sending change reports, checking the distribution of responsibilities, or purchasing necessary documents. Our digital assistants are here for you. The real-time financial monitoring and other current information of your property is located at the E-services for residents.

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Oma Oiva is the property’s own service channel

Join Oma Oiva’s happy users and log in to Hausvise resident site! Simply by logging in you get all the convenient services offered by Oma Oiva for managing your property.

Join the Oma Oiva community, where everyday life and financial management are seamlessly integrated in one place. Oma Oiva, the secret to smooth running of businesses in your property!

Join now and start using Oma Oiva – let’s make your life easier and your property management way more enjoyable!

How does property management differ from a maintenance company? And who takes responsibility of repairs?

The roles of a property manager and a maintenance company can be easily confused. You may also have questions about who is responsible for any damage that might occur in your apartment. By clicking below, you will find a clear description of what are the responsibilities of each party and a handy table outlining the responsibilities of the property and the shareholder.

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Get a property manager’s certificate or a loan share calculation with the help of our digital tools!

Sustainable living

The majority of the carbon footprint of a property is generated by the decisions made during the planning and construction phases, such as choosing the right materials. However, your decisions now still have an impact on your own carbon footprint, and you can help nature and the environment to thrive. At the same time, you can save yourself some of your hard-earned money!

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