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We make sure that the value of your property flourishes and develops.

We take comprehensive care of your property in all stages of its life. We ensure good returns, value appreciation, and effortless ownership.

The numbers speak for themselves.



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Why Oiva?

Teemme omistamisesta helpompaa. Huolehdimme kattavasti ja oma-alotteisesti kiinteistönne kunnosta, taloudesta, vuokrauksesta sekä muista palveluista kiinteistön elämän eri vaiheissa.

Palvelumme tarkoituksena on varmistaa tilojen korkeat käyttöasteet, vuokralaisten tyytyväisyys ja tietenkin tuotto. Kehitämme ja hoidamme kiinteistöänne niin, että sen arvo kehittyy vastuullisesti.

Toimimme läpinäkyvästi, paikallisesti ja avoimesti, jotta omistaminen on turvallista.

“Own worry-free, our team handles everything flexibly.

We take care of your property’s condition, finances, leasing, and other services according to our agreement, so you can focus on worry-free and effortless ownership. We tailor our services flexibly and according to your needs.

Your property is always managed by a knowledgeable team, led by a designated account manager for you. The team gathers all the expertise needed to manage your property – we can even build a dedicated customer service for you if necessary.

Responsible for better returns

We have plenty of ways for your property’s energy efficiency and green future. We help reduce energy consumption, water usage, and carbon footprint. A smaller carbon footprint also reduces the costs of the property portfolio and increases returns.

We utilize digitalization and data in managing your property. This way, decisions are based on information, and handling matters goes smoothly.

Leave the development of your property’s value to us

We have a proactive, planned, and proactive approach to increasing the value of your property. We continuously develop the property, carry out repairs at the right time, and manage finances with a firm hand.

Transparently, locally, and openly

Truly supportive, local, and transparent service for customers – that’s Oiva property management. With our digital services, you can see your property’s status and finances in real-time. Our digital tools also lower portfolio management costs and enable better returns from property assets.

We actively develop our digital tools to ensure smooth everyday life and to enhance portfolio management.

We operate in accordance with laws and regulations and combat the shadow economy and corruption. We also require responsibility from our partners and consider social, economic, and ecological sustainability in our procurements.

Our Services

We keep properties well-maintained and tenants satisfied every day. Our aim is to achieve high occupancy rates. We offer services for all types of properties in various stages of their life.

We are a rapidly growing group and a reliable partner for property and housing company owners, landlords, as well as Finnish and international property investors.

We tailor management contracts according to the needs and wishes of both the company and the property. The contract may include property financial management, property management and technical services, leasing and sales services, as well as energy and environmental services.

Property and Technical Management Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

Through planning and foresight, the value of a property can flourish. Property management, technical management, and lifecycle management are Oiva’s areas of expertise. We conduct condition assessments, energy certificates, and other important technical surveys.

Our expert services also include damage assessment services, as well as the management of renovation and project management. We also handle procurement and sourcing of services.

Our maintenance service includes smooth management and reporting of all repair and renovation works, together with the technical manager.

A Knowledgeable Team at Your Service

Your property affairs are always handled by a knowledgeable team, led by a designated account manager for you. The team consists of customer service, leasing, financial management, technical services, and energy management experts, tailored to your needs and the service package designed for you.

It is important for us to hire the best and most committed employees in the industry for Oiva. Therefore, we invest in the well-being of our employees and provide them with the tools they need to take care of our customers.

Property Financial and Reporting Services

We handle financial management openly, reliably, transparently, and in accordance with the set goals. We safeguard property assets safely and risk-free. Services and reporting are carried out in the best way for your company. Naturally, your company’s representative always has viewing rights to property financial management.

Residential and Commercial Property Leasing

We efficiently manage leasing and select reliable tenants to maximize the return on your property. We continuously develop our digital services. Our service includes all available and upcoming rental properties. We aim for high occupancy rates and satisfied tenants, ensuring the best returns.

Energy and Environmental Services

We particularly focus on energy-efficient use of properties and environmental management. We aim to reduce energy and water consumption in your property, optimize waste recycling, and aim for a smaller carbon footprint. We also conduct energy surveys – thus, energy consumption can be influenced based on data.

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Oiva is now recruiting

We are constantly looking for talented individuals to create superior property management. At Oiva, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills in a great work environment and community that takes care of its own.

In addition to property and real estate management, we have many other positions available. Technical experts, accountants, property secretaries, customer service representatives, and many other top professionals in their fields are essential parts of Oiva’s magic.

Check out our available positions and join our fantastic team! Or submit an open application. We’re looking forward to get to know you!