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The magic words for a smoother living

Digital assistants that make life easier, our efficient Oiva Customer service, transparent financial management, skilled technical experts, and of course, great property managers – these are the ingredients of a successful everyday life with Oiva.

Our digital assistants

We look into the future with hope and we are ready to open new doors as new possibilities are available. We are invested in making everyday interactions easy and convenient, so we make them available also online. In the future, all matters related to housing transactions will be possible to handle through Oma Oiva. We are developing also our very own service channel, stay tuned for that!

Our digital assistants keep the affairs of the housing company visible and transparent to the residents. Meeting minutes, announcements, and housing instructions are readily available online.

From our online store, Oiva Kauppa, our customers can order and pay for the documents they need, around the clock. The certificate of the property manager will arrive in your email within a few days!

Cooperation has always been excellent and it is constantly evolving in the right direction. In my opinion, the property management industry is undergoing a transformation, and cooperation between boards and property managers needs to be developed further. Oiva Property Management plays a significant role in this change, and things have been evolving in the right direction with them.

Ben Grass – Chair of board, As Oy Speranski

Oiva Tekniikka takes care of the value of your property

Technical property management and life cycle management of the property ensure that the value of the housing company grows and that no repair debt accumulates. Our own technical experts are familiar with the history of your housing company and ensure that all repairs are carried out with care. You can also purchase the Oiva Energy Certificate for your housing company from us!

Oiva Tekniikka reacts quickly to shareholders’ notifications for renovations, damage situations, and urgent maintenance repairs. We always price fairly and transparently.

Could we offer you a smoother everyday life?

Digital assistants, Oiva Customer service, transparent financial management, technical experts, fantastic property managers – these are the ingredients for a great, worry-free collaboration.

Transparent finances

Honesty and open communication are essential in managing a housing company. We use your housing company’s funds responsibly, within agreed-upon frameworks. As a member of the housing company’s board, you have viewing rights to the real-time financial management of your own housing company.

We are here to listen to your feedback and ideas, and are not afraid to challenge decisions, if we have better ideas. We always have your housing company’s best interests in mind, and we provide our recommendations based on that. Let’s take good care of your housing company together, and ensure that the value of your property rises!

Transparency also applies to all the services we bill for. You can read more about our transparent pricing.