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Whether you need expert property management services in the heart of the city center, Eestinmäki, Gammelbacka, or Kevätkumpu, we know what to do! We know your area and its unique characteristics.

Our offices in Porvoo

We are here for you. Check out where you can meet us in Porvoo if you want!


Lundinkatu 9
06100 Porvoo





Mon, Tue, Thu 8.30-16.00
Wed 9.30-16.00
Fri 8.30-15.30

Electronic invoicing address

Apix Messaging (003723327487)


Staff e-mails have the format

Head of unit Johan Nyholm 010 7556 155

Customer service/Property secretary Katja Ojala 0107556172
Customer service/Property secretary Heli Stoor 0107556175

Housing manager Nina Ambrusin 010 7556 156
Housing manager Kim Grönstrand 010 7556 157
Housing manager Peter Gustafsson 010 7556 158
Housing manager Henna Virkki 010 7556 159
Housing manager Janne Leino 010 7556 160
Housing manager Ilpo Rajapuro 010 7556 161
Housing manager Juha Marttinen 010 7556 162
Housing manager Ulla Alapere 010 7556 163
Housing manager Keijo Tanninen 010 7556 164
Housing manager Mats Sundberg 010 7556 165
Housing manager Pasi-Ilkka Väyrynen 010 7556 166
Housing manager Toni Nygrén 010 7556 167
Housing manager Nina Laine 010 755 6168

Trainee Rasmus Rutanen 0107556145

Accountant/Property Secretary Benita Gustafsson 010 7556 173
Accountant/Property Secretary Laura Holstein 010 7556 174
Accountant/Property Secretary Carina Lindblom 010 7556 176
Accountant/Property Secretary Sanna Samuli 010 7556 177
Accountant/Property Secretary Ann-Christine Sandberg 010 7556 178
Accountant/Property Secretary Sanna Gundersen 010 7556 179
Accountant/Property Secretary Arja Suppola 010 7556 180

Accountant/Property Secretary Anna Westin 0107556144
Accountant/Property Secretary Camilla Björksten 0107556181

Technical expert Jarko Alanko 010 7556 184

The cost of a phone call is 8,35 cents per call plus 16,69 cents per minute

OP Isännöinti Itä-Uusimaa gone Oiva

OP Isännöinti Itä-Uusimaa has been acquired by Oiva Property Management from Uudenmaan Osuuspankki. The company has offices in Porvoo and Mäntsälä, and it also provides property management services to housing companies in the Helsinki, Askola, and Loviisa regions.

Together, we make your everyday life smooth – close to you.

Thanks to Oiva’s property manager, we have gained the benefit of long-standing knowledge and solid experience in managing our housing company. Surprisingly, this has led to many ‘aha’ moments for us. This is how things should be handled! Our property manager communicates clearly and actively with the entire board without unnecessary inquiries. Overall, we on the board are very satisfied with this collaboration.

Vesa Hakala – Chair of board, As Oy Amurinhaka

Uutta isännöitsijää etsimässä?

Pidämme huolen, että teillä taloyhtiöelämä luistaa ja kiinteistön arvo kukoistaa.

Oiva is now recruiting

We are constantly looking for talented individuals to create a better community living. At Oiva, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills in a healthy work environment where we take care of our own.

In addition to property management and real estate leadership, we have many other positions available. Technical experts, accountants, property secretaries, customer service representatives, and many other professionals in their respective fields are an important part of Oiva’s magic.

Check out our available positions and join the fantastic team! Or feel free to submit an open application if the roles that interest you are not currently available.