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Use Oiva Store when you want to order documents – for example, property manager’s certificates or loan installment calculations

What documents should be provided?

Documents are only delivered to individuals who have the right to order them. A fee according to our service price list will be charged for the documents.

Please note that the shareholder registers of companies registered in the HTJ (Finnish Trade Register) are ordered from the National Land Survey of Finland, not from the property management office.”

Thinking of selling your apartment?

You can purchase a property manager’s certificate along with attachments for the sale from Oiva Shop. The property manager’s certificate is a document that contains information about the housing company or property managed by the property manager. It is usually required when you sell or rent an apartment or property in Finland.

Interested in a smaller loan share?

You can order a calculation of the remaining loan share from Oiva Shop. With the loan share calculation, each shareholder pays their own portion of the common loan, which helps maintain financial balance in the housing company. Loan shares can also affect the size of fees and other payments that shareholders pay monthly or annually to cover the maintenance costs of the housing association.

Considering changing banks?

You can purchase a property manager’s certificate without attachments from Oiva Shop. For example, banks and insurance companies may request a property manager’s certificate without attachments for the appraisal of an apartment.

Paying off a loan share?

You can pay off your loan share at a time separately agreed upon. The opportunity to make such a payment generally occurs twice a year, depending on the bank. You can get more information about paying off the loan by contacting the customer service of your housing company’s property management office.

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