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What is the difference between a property manager and a maintenance company?

The foundation of a good everyday life is a smooth daily routine. Ensuring the smooth running of things requires cooperation between the board, shareholders, and residents, as well as with those who take care of the everyday tasks, such as property management and maintenance.

Property management handles finance and administration, maintenance takes care of daily upkeep

The property manager leads the housing company together with the board. Property management is a team effort, so they are usually assisted by an accountant, a property secretary, customer service staff, and a technical expert.

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  • administration
  • finances
  • organization of property maintenance

The tasks of property management are defined in further detail in the property management agreement.

  • you need information on the housing cooperative’s finances or, for example, on renovations
  • you notice deficiencies, significant untidiness, or signs of vandalism on the property
  • there are disturbances of order in the property or a crime has occurred, such as a break-in into the premises
  • you want to make an improvement suggestion or present a matter for discussion at the general meeting
  • Moving into or out of the housing company
  • Planning to make alterations in your apartment
  • There is a problem in the property or your apartment, and you want to file a fault report
  • Reserving a sauna shift or a parking space
  • Losing your keys or needing additional keys
  • Getting a property manager’s certificate or other apartment documents for a property sale

Contact the maintenance company for routine matters

The responsibilities of property management and maintenance sometimes get mixed up in the minds of residents. While property management is responsible for organizing maintenance, which means directing and supervising the activities, matters related to daily upkeep are the responsibility of the maintenance company.

  • the maintenance of the yard, such as lawn mowing, snow plowing, and winter sanding
  • minor repair works, like replacing broken lights or fixing heating posts
  • updating resident information on apartment doors and in stairwells
  • resolving and repairing issues in technical equipment
  • fixing small defects in apartments, such as leaky faucets or clogged drains
  • opening doors when a resident forgets their key
  • urgent repairs to prevent further damage, such as in the case of water leaks
  • correcting deficiencies reported in fault notifications
  • on-call services for sudden repair needs and damage control

To ensure carefree living in your property, it’s important that we stay vigilant and act promptly in all matters related to it. Everyday life also wears down the building, and although its upkeep and condition are managed by a team of professionals, the observations of those who use the building daily are also important. Therefore, do report immediately any issues or matters requiring repair you notice in the property. This way, we can together ensure that the high value of the property is maintained.

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