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Mover’s Checklist

Welcome to your new home! Moving is an exciting phase in life, but it can also be challenging and requires a lot of practical arrangements. We want to help you make the move as smooth as possible and ensure that everything goes well in your new housing cooperative. Here is a mover’s checklist to assist you on your journey!

When you move into a new apartment, you need to inform the property management office for the purposes of communication and information within the housing cooperative. The notification to the maintenance company is necessary for changing the name on the door and for any potential door opening services, as the door will not be opened if the resident’s information is not registered with the maintenance company. Similarly, when you move out of the apartment, please inform us to update the information and for any potential water meter reading and billing.

To better understand whom to contact in different situations, it’s important to know who is responsible for what. The property manager handles the administrative aspects of the housing cooperative, such as meetings, billing, and contract management. The property manager also prepares the housing cooperative’s budget. The accountant is responsible for the housing cooperative’s bookkeeping and other financial matters. The maintenance company, on the other hand, takes care of property maintenance tasks, such as upkeep and repairs. Contact the appropriate party when needed.

Read more about the division of responsibilities between the property manager and the maintenance company here.

In the housing cooperative, there is a clear responsibility allocation table that defines what falls under the responsibility of the cooperative and what falls under the responsibility of the shareholder. Generally, the housing cooperative is responsible for exterior aspects of the buildings, such as facades, roofs, and common areas. The responsibilities of the shareholder include the interior parts of the apartment they own, excluding structures, insulation, and basic systems maintained by the cooperative.

Knowing the responsibility allocation table helps in determining who is responsible in potential problem situations.

View our responsibility allocation table here.

We offer useful information and residential services here on Oiva’s website. Here, you can find the responsibility allocation table, make change of address notifications, and get more information about your housing cooperative’s affairs. Additionally, in our online store, you can manage payments and invoices related to the housing cooperative conveniently online.

If you are planning a renovation in your apartment, remember to notify the housing cooperative in advance. The housing cooperative has rules and guidelines for renovations, and following them helps ensure that everything goes as planned and without unnecessary disturbance to other residents.

Submit your alteration notice here.

Waste management is an essential part of living. Check your housing cooperative’s guidelines for waste management and sorting. Usually, the housing cooperative has its own waste collection points and instructions on how to sort waste. Common guidelines include:

  • Waste must be sorted according to the instructions.
  • Cardboard should be flattened.
  • Larger trash should be broken down into smaller pieces, so the bins’ lids can close.

Protecting the environment is important to us, and by following sorting guidelines, we can all do our part.