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Submit a Fault Report

Life wears down homes and properties. Sometimes a faucet starts leaking, a window latch stops working, or the drain gets clogged! Report a fault in your home here.

If the fault requires immediate repair, call your maintenance company directly at any time of the day. You can find the contact details on the resident page or on your housing association’s notice board.

Submit a Maintenance Request

If you notice any issues in your apartment or other common areas of your property, you can report them to us using this form. Once we receive your report, we will request maintenance or repairs if necessary. We especially appreciate prompt notifications of safety-related issues and any plumbing problems.

For urgent maintenance requests, you can contact your property's maintenance company directly; you can find their contact information on your property's notice board.

Select fault type
If the fault / repair need requires a visit to the apartment
If the apartment has a security lock

Maximum file size: 10.24MB