Digital assistants at hand, speedy Oiva Customer Service, transparent financial management, skilled technical wizards, fantastic property managers – these are the ingredients how a good everyday life at our properties.

Proactive Property Management

  • We have a team of property management and financial professionals dedicated to serving your homeowners’ association (HOA). You’re not just getting an individual property manager from us; you’re getting account management handled by a whole team.
  • You can always reach out to us and we’re available when you need assistance.
  • We mitigate risks and increase property value. Our technical experts understand this and take care of the property!
  • Our in-house energy experts are responsible for the energy efficiency of your HOA and its improvement.
  • Creating an HOA strategy when starting the client relationship ensures the success of proactive property management. We assess your HOA’s condition and start developing it based on results.
  • We provide transparent pricing and clearly communicate what additional work may incur additional charges. We don’t charge percentages on projects!
  • With Oma Oiva mobile app, you can manage your HOA life from your phone. You’ll always have access to financial information in your pocket!
  • We offer 30 minutes of free legal advice from a lawyer when you have a real concern.

The charges are reasonable, and additional fees are kept very well in check. This way, trust is maintained throughout the collaboration, and there’s no need for tendering. The cheapest option is not always the solution you’re looking for! I strongly recommend Oiva Property Management.

Sami Nieminen – Chair of the Board, As Oy Lentotikka

How do we price our services?

A clear proposal and transparent pricing allows comparison.

Oiva’s operations are based entirely on transparency. This also applies to pricing.

Properties, their needs, and their operational models vary greatly. At Oiva, the content of each management contract is tailored to fit the client.

We create a customized breakdown of how the price is formed for every offer. This allows the client to anticipate the costs of property management and to continuously monitor the developments, not just once a year.

The decision-making authority rests solely with the board.

When acquiring services from us, Oiva follows strict principles. The decision-making power of purchases is always and exclusively with the client, the board. Any possible discounts or benefits related to purchases are directed entirely for the benefit of the property. The contracts that are made are also openly available for the boards to view.

The predictability of costs is essential, for example, in repair projects where property management companies often charge a project management fee based on the contract sum.

At Oiva, we have a different approach. We always make a separate offer for managing the projects, and the price tag is clearly stated and included in the offer. It’s easy for the client and the board to decide on whether to reject or accept the offer when the total cost of project management is known already at the beginning of the project.

Services tailored to fit

The foundation of our basic package are the statutory tasks, which include broadly the administration and financial management of the property and the services related to systematic property maintenance. At Oiva, these tasks are specified in a property management task list that is always included in the offer. The price of the basic package is influenced by various factors, including the number and the size of the apartments, the location and age of the buildings, past and upcoming renovations, parking spaces, VAT-liable commercial spaces, and other arrangements and agreements that need to be considered in the property’s daily operations.

Oiva’s offers always include a clear price list for tailored services that complement the basic package. Before these services, which stem from the housing company’s needs, are implemented, they are approved by the board, and the cost impact of the actions is clearly agreed upon.

Properties increasingly need help with various challenges in construction and energy technology. At Oiva, the services for technical property management are already pre-packaged and pre-priced. Therefore, the costs are known in advance when making purchases.

Clear details of what is included in the basic package and which tailored services are necessary enable comparing Oiva’s offer with other service providers. Oiva’s approach brings predictability to the everyday life and brings ease to, for example, budgeting. Any changes to the service price list are always agreed upon with the board.

Could we offer you a smoother everyday life?

Digital assistants, Oiva Customer service, transparent financial management, technical experts, fantastic property managers – these are the ingredients for a great, worry-free collaboration.