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Are you looking for expert property management services in the riverside setting of Karjaranta, in the heart of the city near Pohjoispuisto, or in Sampola, that known for its sculptures? We are familiar with your area, its unique characteristics, and here for you!

Our offices in Pori

Hello Pori, we are here for you! Come visit our office, give us a call, or send a message!


Oiva Isännöinti Satakunta Oy
Yrjönkatu 15
28100 Pori



02 634 4300


Mon_Thu: 9-16
Fri: 9-13

Electronic invoicing address

Operator: Maventa (003721291126)

Staff e-mails have the format

Head of Unit Taulu Perttu 0414342914

Office Manager Hokkanen Teija 0505115858

Property Secretary Kainulainen Petra 0447534145

Property Secretary Kiuru Kati 0447425860

Property Secretary Lähdekorpi Helena 0447961089

Customer Manager Anttila Jenni 0445463181


Housing manager Eränen Mika 0413172509

Housing manager Kyhä Tuomo 0447413451

Housing manager Leppäniemi Harri 0444939766

Housing manager Kiviniemi Jouni 0445531759

Housing manager Pinkkila Pertti 044243 8117

Housing manager Sahama Niklas 0447944337

Housing manager Sippola Maria 0445121913

Housing manager Suominen Jarkko 0447737051

Housing manager Valli Tytti 0445214 349

Housing manager Koota Siiri 0500223073


Accountant Simolin Taina 0447061209

Accountant Sipola Sari 0445214344

Accountant Lohikoski Ossi 0447557495

Accountant Kettunen Lumi 0444939036

Accountant Bragge Sari 0447350796

Call rate: mobile network charge + local network charge. When calling from abroad, the price is determined according to the local operator’s price list.


Oiva Isännöinti Satakunta Oy
Yrjönkatu 22
28100 Pori





Mon-Thu: 9-16
Fri: 9-13

Electronic invoicing address

Staff e-mails have the format

Property Management Director Mikko Koskinen 0107556268

Property Secretary Mari Törmä 0107556270

Property Secretary Laura Jalava 0107556270
Development manager Tiina Kylmälä 0107556269
Housing manager Pasi Huhtala  0107556271
Housing manager Saku Laaksonen 0107556272
Housing manager Simo Muttilainen 0107556273
Housing manager Aki Pirttimäki 0107556274
Housing manager Eeva Tuomela 0107556275
Housing manager Liisa Heinonen 0107556276
Housing manager Laura Mäki 0107556277
Accountant Birgitta Kesäläinen 0107556278
Accountant Tuula Peltola 0107556279
Accountant Riikka Purra 0107556281

Call rate: mobile network charge + local network charge. When calling from abroad, the price is determined according to the local operator’s price list.

Available rental apartments in Satakunta

You can find available rental apartments in the Satakunta region on Vuokraovi. You can submit a housing application or a notice of termination through the Housing navigation here on our website.

Sakipa Oy Isännöinti leading the way in property management

With their cheerful customer service attitude and loads of local expertise, Sakipa has been making everyday life smoother for the people of Pori for decades.

In 2017, Sakipa joined forces with Porin Isännöitsijät Oy, and in 2021 with Porin Ammatti-isännöitsijät, and in 2022, they became a part of Oiva Property Management. This allowed Sakipa’s local knowledge and expertise in renovation construction combine the benefits of broad shoulders of the nationwide Oiva.

Things have been going smoothly with our new property manager! We feel like we are in capable hands, and it’s safe to start major renovations in the property. I can highly recommend them!

Looking for a new property manager?

With us, you can count on smooth, easy everyday life and that the value of the property flourishes.

Oiva is now recruiting

We are constantly looking for talented individuals to create superior property management. At Oiva, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills in a great work environment and community that takes care of its own.

In addition to property and real estate management, we have many other positions available. Technical experts, accountants, property secretaries, customer service representatives, and many other top professionals in their fields are essential parts of Oiva’s magic.

Check out our available positions and join our fantastic team! Or submit an open application. We’re looking forward to get to know you!