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Career at Oiva

Property managers, accountants, property secretaries, technical property managers, customer service representatives, project workers, financial management, IT department, marketing, sales, HR… all these are the components of Oiva Property Management!

How about an excellent workplace for you?

We aim to be the best workplace in the industry, and for that, we need the best people to join us. We are passionate about getting properties in order but also about improving the entire industry – if you share this passion, here is a great opportunity for you!

We are constantly looking for both experienced professionals and the next generation of talents to create the ideal everyday life in our properties. At Oiva, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills in a healthy work environment where we take care of our own.

In addition to property management and real estate management, we have many other roles available. Technical experts, accountants, property secretaries, customer service representatives, and many other professionals in their respective fields are an essential part of Oiva’s magic.

Explore our open positions and apply to become part of our excellent team! Or feel free to send us an open application if there are no current roles that interest you.

Oiva offers its employees a flexible and comfortable environment. At Oiva, you can work independently and flexibly, but help is always available if needed. Oiva makes an effort to ensure happiness at workplace by introducing small, meaningful things, such as fruits at the office, and organizing an Oiva Day, when the whole staff comes together to have fun.

– Financial Administration Assistant

Oiva’s story

It’s in everyone’s best interest that we take good care of properties and the ways of living in them. Good property management extends all the way from floor to the ceiling, impacting residents’ lives and even society as a whole.

At Oiva, seasoned property management experts and the new generation of professionals ensure that living in this country runs smoothly and that the value of properties flourishes. We stand with the decision-makers of the properties, with daring to challenge and skills to listen. We are passionate about putting the affairs of the property in order to create comfort, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

To accomplish that, it is essential to keep our eyes and ears open, and to seize opportunities. Transparency is especially important in all interactions with our customers. We operate with honesty and transparency.

We always serve locally, and our property managers have the full support and expertise of Oiva’s multi-talented team at their use. Our tried-and-true magic words are immediate service, digital tools that make life easier, and a healthy work environment.

An ideal everyday life in our properties is built together. We bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, and the properties and the people living in them provide their needs and other information. Let’s combine our forces, so that both the residents and the properties thrive.

After all, home is where the heart lives and brings happiness all around it.

Oiva Property Management’s reporting channel for suspicions of misconduct (Whistleblowing)

Openness and transparency are the guiding values in our operations. We use our own Whistleblowing reporting channel for reporting suspicions of misconduct. Our reporting channel enables confidential reporting by our employees and stakeholders in cases where actions may have been taken against the law or against the ethical principles of Oiva Property Management. The channel should not be used for reporting customer complaints, disturbances, or general HR matters.