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Committed to a Better Condo Life

Our mission is to ensure that living in this country runs smoothly and the value of properties thrives. We are passionate about improving matters related to housing companies and the entire industry. We operate nationwide but always serve locally. On this page, we introduce ourselves and share what we believe in. Below, you’ll find information about all our offices and local contact details.

Welcome, nice to meet you!

Serving Locally

By being close to the housing companies we manage and the properties we lead, we can truly get to know both the properties and their users. That’s how good cooperation is born!

Vaikka olemme lähellä, olemme myös yksi maan suurimpia isännöinnin ja kiinteistöjohtamisen alalla. Iso koko takaa, että meillä on lihaksia viedä alituiseen palveluamme eteen päin ja olla avuksi mahdollisimman mutkattomasti. Avaamme koko ajan uusia toimipaikkoja ympäri Suomen, jotta voimme olla yhä useammalle asiakkaalle lähellä ja läsnä.

Oiva’s story

It’s in everyone’s best interest that we take care of condominium living. The importance of good property management extends from floor to ceiling, impacting residents’ lives and society as a whole.

At Oiva, seasoned property management experts and the new generation of professionals ensure that living in this country runs smoothly and that the value of properties flourishes. We stand alongside the decision-makers of condominiums, daring to challenge and listen. We are passionate about putting condominium affairs in order in the name of comfort, cost-effectiveness, and responsibility.

In these tasks, it’s essential to keep our eyes, ears, and new opportunities constantly open. Transparency is especially important in our interactions with customers. We operate honestly and visibly.

We always serve locally, and our property managers benefit from Oiva’s versatile support team. Our tried-and-true magic words are immediate service, life-easing digital tools, and a healthy work environment.

An ideal condominium life is built together. We bring a wealth of knowledge, while condominiums provide information and desires. Let’s combine our strengths, so that both residents and properties thrive.

After all, happiness starts at home and extends far beyond.

Smooth Condominium Living for You Too?

Digital Wizards, Oiva Aspa, Transparent Financial Management, Technical Maestros, Amazing Property Managers – that’s what good condominium living is made of.

Everyday life goes nicely, and things are running smoothly. Matters are taken care of quickly, and we get the wheels turning briskly!

Juha Väkimies – Board Chairman, As Oy Jkl:n Postimies

Oiva is now recruiting

We are constantly looking for talented individuals to create superior property management. At Oiva, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills in a great work environment and community that takes care of its own.

In addition to property and real estate management, we have many other positions available. Technical experts, accountants, property secretaries, customer service representatives, and many other top professionals in their fields are essential parts of Oiva’s magic.

Check out our available positions and join our fantastic team! Or submit an open application. We’re looking forward to get to know you!

Looking for a new property manager?

With us, you can count on smooth, easy everyday life and that the value of the property flourishes.