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Renovation Guidelines

When planning alterations, it’s important to determine what notifications or permissions the work requires. Even tasks perceived as minor can affect the conditions in other apartments of the housing cooperative. A detailed renovation plan and a carefully prepared notification of the alterations always expedite the approval process.

Before the Renovation

According to the Housing Company Act, a shareholder must notify the housing cooperative in writing about the renovation when it can affect the structures of the building or neighboring apartments, which are under the cooperative’s responsibility. The housing cooperative has the right to set conditions for the modification work if necessary. The law ensures proper maintenance of the property, avoids unnecessary disputes, and more precisely defines the responsibility for damages.

We recommend thoroughly understanding the notification process and consulting a construction professional if needed. It’s advisable to start the process well in advance, so the housing cooperative and, in some cases, neighbors have enough time to familiarize themselves with the plans and obtain any necessary additional information. During the work, the shareholder is responsible for ensuring that the conditions of the permit are met and that any required inspections are carried out.

Renovation Plans

A well-prepared notification and a more detailed plan for alterations expedite the processing. For larger projects, qualified designers must be used. The shareholder must ensure that the contractors carrying out the repair work are skilled and have valid liability insurance. We always recommend making a written agreement with the contractor. Plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) works can only be carried out by qualified contractors. For minor works, the plans can be made by the person carrying out the work.

Planning and Supervision of Alterations

The shareholder has full responsibility for the execution and progress of the repair project, and the work must be carried out in accordance with current regulations and standards, as well as adhering to good construction practices. The shareholder is also responsible for the cleanliness of common areas, adequate protection, and related costs. The company always has the right and obligation to supervise the shareholder’s alterations or to request an expert opinion on the modifications. Additionally, the company has the right to bill for any costs incurred due to supervision.


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