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Would you be interested in superior property management?

We are convinced that everyday life should go as smoothly and worry-free as possible – especially when it comes to housing. Oiva will take care of your property management in way that you can focus on all the best things, stress-free!

Proactive Property Management

  • We have a team of property management and financial professionals dedicated to serving your homeowners’ association (HOA). You’re not just getting an individual property manager from us; you’re getting account management handled by a whole team.
  • You can always reach out to us and we’re available when you need assistance.
  • We mitigate risks and increase property value. Our technical experts understand this and take care of the property!
  • Our in-house energy experts are responsible for the energy efficiency of your HOA and its improvement.
  • Creating an HOA strategy when starting the client relationship ensures the success of proactive property management. We assess your HOA’s condition and start developing it based on results.
  • We provide transparent pricing and clearly communicate what additional work may incur additional charges. We don’t charge percentages on projects!
  • With Oma Oiva mobile app, you can manage your HOA life from your phone. You’ll always have access to financial information in your pocket!
  • We offer 30 minutes of free legal advice from a lawyer when you have a real concern.

Why Oiva Property Management?

We want to improve your homeowners’ association life as well. With these building blocks, we can make homeowners’ association life smooth and increase the value of the property.

  • We don’t just sell property management, but comprehensive customer management. You, the customer, and the entire homeowners’ association are our focus!
  • We price everything clearly and transparently. We also fairly and openly tender our partners.
  • We invest in the homeowners’ association’s own digital service channels.
  • The homeowners’ association’s own team of professionals takes care of the whole.
  • The homeowners’ association’s own property manager works closely with the board.
  • Our service team assists with housing matters and is easily reachable.
  • Our technical property managers are responsible for preserving and increasing the property’s value. We manage projects clearly without dividends.
  • We invest in the well-being and professionalism of our employees.

The best kind of management is cooperation

Things run smoothly in all kinds of properties when the property manager, the board, and other experts operate together. As a member of board, you can leave the pencil pushing to us and focus on living your life.

The project manager team of Oiva ensures that all the documentation is in order and easily found on the pages for residents.

We know the legislation like the back of our hands and make sure that your housing company is following all the necessary laws and regulations. We work with law firms that will support managing your property if needed.

Increasing property value

During the life cycle of a housing company, there will be a lot of situations which require technical expertise.

Our technical expertise helps us to anticipate repairs, carry them out with precision, and save both money and the environment.

Technical management and the life cycle management of the property are an essential part of our business and core competences. We make sure your property does not accumulate repair debt and we manage your property so that its value increases.

Minimizing risks, taking care of finances

Honesty and open communication are the key factors of smooth everyday life, also when it comes to property management. We use the funds of your housing company responsibly, within the limits that are agreed beforehand. As a member of board, you have the rights to view the finances and their documentation in real time.

We are always working towards the best interest of your property, so we listen carefully to your plans and opinions and dare to make our suggestions, based on the said best interest. Let’s take good care of your property and maintain it as well as we can, so that the value truly flourishes!

The policy of transparency applies also to the pricing of our services.

Customer service and communication

Good communication makes a big difference in the quality of life and also in the running of affairs within the housing company.

At best, good communication supports openness, trust, and security in the company. It also creates opportunities to participate in the decision-making process and increases the understanding of how things are run.

It is the responsibility of the board to organize efficient communication, and we have the tools and all the help you need to manage it in practice.

We aim to shift communication into our digital channels in order to reduce paper consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.

The pricing is very reasonable and direct debits are kept very well under control. This maintains trust throughout the cooperation and there is no need for further competitive tendering. The cheapest option is not always the one you are looking for! I strongly recommend Oiva Property management.

Sami Nieminen – Chair of board, As Oy Lentotikka

Did you get elected into the board of your housing company? Congratulations!

Your role on the board will offer you a great opportunity to build a smooth, worry-free everyday life for your housing company. This way, you will have a possibility to take part in and influence the decision-making process, in major and minor cases, as the representative of all shareholders.

You will now have a direct opportunity to influence how your important assets are looked after and how their value is increased. You will also have the chance to support the comfort of living and the building blocks of good everyday life in your company.

Grab our tips for your new role here!

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The Digital assistants

Business as usual: take care of your everyday affairs, such as sending change reports, checking the distribution of responsibilities, or purchasing necessary documents. Our digital assistants are here for you. The real-time financial monitoring and other current information of your property is located at the E-services for residents.

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