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Frequently Asked Questions

Concerned about housing? Here you can read answers to the most common questions.

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The property manager takes care of managing the housing association. On the other hand, the maintenance company is responsible for minor repairs, handling fault reports, snow removal, lawn mowing, and the general maintenance and repairs of the association.

The maintenance company responsible for your apartment building, along with its contact information, is listed on the resident page and the housing association’s notice board. You can also obtain this information from our customer service – please contact us.

Draft a written disturbance report to the property manager. It’s a good idea to also include the date and time of the disturbance in the notification. If the disturbances are recurring, it’s advisable to keep a disturbance diary and submit it to the housing association’s property manager.

The change of address notification must be made to the property manager and the maintenance company, which also changes the name on the door.

The change of address must also be made to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. It can be done digitally here:

If you live in a housing cooperative, please contact our customer service in these cases. You can handle the matter most conveniently with these forms:
Inquire about a parking space

Inquire about a sauna slot

If it’s a rental building, contact the maintenance company or the parking management company.

Information about the housing association broadband can be found on the residents’ pages of the condominium association.

You can also inquire about it from our customer service. You can find the contact details here.

If you do not know the front door code, please contact our customer service. You can find the contact details here.

The resident pages provide comprehensive information about the common areas of your building. You can also inquire about this from our customer service – see the contact details here.

Contact the maintenance company to make a fault report. You can find the contact details of the maintenance company on the resident pages and your housing association’s notice board.

In principle, no, but the tenant and the landlord can agree on such an arrangement. The parties can also agree among themselves whether the tenant pays the water bill to the landlord or directly to the housing association.

First, arrange this with your landlord. Next, the landlord orders the key from the property manager, and you will receive it for use.


Contact our customer service and explain your matter. Our customer service representatives will direct you to the right person. Get in touch!

Contact our customer service. Our customer service representatives will advise you on what to do next, and you can order a lock rekeying and new keys from them. Get in touch!

As a general rule, you should contact the property manager for all modifications to the apartment. However, painting and wallpapering do not require separate notification. You can read more about our renovation guidelines, how to prepare a modification notice, and renovation practices in the housing association.

You can also submit a modification notice directly online.

You can also submit a modification notice directly online. You can get more information about preparing a notice and renovation practices in the housing association from our renovation guidelines.

A loan share is a shareholder’s portion of the total amount of loans taken out by the housing association. The loan share determines the type of financial contribution the shareholder pays in addition to the maintenance charge. Generally, there are two opportunities per year to pay off the entire loan share at once, but this depends on the housing association’s bank.

To learn more about the company loan, loan share, and loan repayment, please contact your housing company’s accountant. You can reach them by first contacting our customer service. You can find the contact information here.

The interest rate varies according to the loan taken, and you can find the exact interest details and the basis for interest determination in the confirmed financial statements of the previous fiscal year.

This information can be found in the minutes of the general meeting or by asking our customer service. The decision on capitalization is made annually at the ordinary general meeting.

If the contributions have been recognized as income, meaning they have been recorded as income in the housing company’s accounting, you can deduct the capital contributions from rental income. If the capital contribution has been capitalized in the housing company’s accounting, you cannot deduct the contribution from rental income. You can find more information on the Tax Administration’s website.

To generate a final bill, we need the water meter reading after the previous tenant has moved out. If you are unable to take the reading yourself and report it to the property manager, please contact our customer service so that the meter reading can be arranged.

There are also remotely readable meters available. However, this varies by property, and you can confirm from our customer service whether your water meter is remotely readable or not.

First, you need to find out how many keys the apartment has. You can confirm this information through our customer service. If it’s an additional key to the apartment, you can order it from the property manager by submitting a written key order.

If your key is lost, please contact our customer service. The property manager can arrange for rekeying of the locks and new keys if necessary.

In most cases, shares are transferred from one person to another, usually in connection with a real estate transaction. When transferring shares, the following documents should be submitted to the property manager: the deed of sale, the share certificate with transfer annotations, and a certificate of paid transfer tax.

Usually, the company’s annual general meeting is held no later than six months after the end of the financial year, typically during the first half of the year.

If there are any exceptions in the practices of the housing company, they are mentioned in the housing company’s articles of association.

The maintenance and repair responsibilities of the shareholder and the housing company are listed here: Responsibility Distribution Table

Yes, it can. You can order an e-invoice from your online bank and also set up direct debit for the invoice.

The reasons for the increase in the maintenance fee can be found in the financial budget section of the general meeting materials. Most often, it has been noted during the meeting that the current fee does not cover the expenses presented in the budget. To cover these expenses, it has been necessary to raise the maintenance fee.

Please contact our customer service regarding this matter – see contact information.

The board

The electronic apartment information system will be implemented by the end of 2023, and we will inform shareholders as the implementation approaches.

Please note that shareholders are required to apply for electronic registration for their ownership, at which point the traditional paper share certificate will be invalidated. For more information on the implementation of the electronic apartment information system, please visit the website of the National Land Survey of Finland.

The member of the board can track the financial situation of the company through the resident portal.

The financial situation of the housing company is also discussed in the board meetings, presented by the property manager. The review of the financial situation includes forecasts, receivables, cash balance, and the income statement.

The financial situation of the housing company is also comprehensively reviewed at the annual general meeting.

Board meeting fees are usually paid once a year, either in December or after the change of the board following the general meeting.

The property manager always has a backup person who handles the responsibilities of the primary property manager during their absence. By contacting our customer service, you can find out who is substituting for your property manager. Find the contact information.

The minutes of board meetings and the housing company’s contracts are compiled on your housing company’s resident portal.

The board should go through their communication plan with the property manager, allowing the property manager to make improvement suggestions.

The communication plan defines the company’s communication and methods of communication. Typically, the housing company sends out newsletters addressing current issues to its shareholders three to four times a year. Among these, the notice for the general meeting usually interests the shareholders the most.

Energy costs can be reduced by keeping room temperatures between 20–22 degrees Celsius and by reducing hot water usage. It’s also advisable to avoid ventilating the apartment during freezing temperatures to prevent heat loss.

It’s worth discussing with the board and the property manager the possibility of lowering the company’s heating curve by one degree. A one-degree reduction can save up to 5% on heating costs annually.

The temperature in common areas should be kept at 17 degrees Celsius. This should be addressed in the board meeting, and it’s important to discuss it with the property manager and the maintenance company.

To control heating costs, it’s also important to ensure that the property’s heating control automation is functioning properly. In this matter, our technical property managers can assist your company by optimizing the automation settings to manage energy consumption.

If it is a board meeting with minutes taken, then a meeting fee will be paid unless otherwise agreed.

If the meeting is informal and no minutes are taken, then generally a meeting fee will not be paid.

The decision on which meetings and under what criteria the board will be paid fees ultimately lies with the general meeting

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