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If you are a tenant of Avain Asunnot or Avara rental apartments, please click on the right address below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the matters related to apartment living can be conveniently handled with the help of our digital assistants. You can also contact Oiva Aspa and ask for advice. Our customer service representatives will direct you to the right person.

Contact the maintenance company to report a fault. You can find the contact information for the maintenance company on the resident pages and on your property’s notice board.

If your neighbor is causing disturbing disturbances, you should create a disturbance report in writing and send it to the property manager. It’s also advisable to include the date and time of the disturbance in the report. If the disturbances are recurring, keeping a disturbance diary and providing it to the property manager is a good idea.

Minutes of board meetings and agreements of the housing company are compiled on the resident page of your housing company: Resident Pages.

Could we offer you a smooth condominium life?

Digital assistants, Oiva Aspa, transparent financial management, technical experts, fantastic property managers – these are the ingredients for a great condominium life.

Would you like smooth condominium living?

Digital helpers, Oiva Aspa, transparent financial management, technical wizards, and fantastic property managers – that’s what good condominium living is made of.

Everyday life in a condominium and the work of the board aren’t always just cotton candy and loose candy. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! So if your condominium also needs excellent property management and smooth condominium living, request a quote.

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