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Oiva aims to be a responsible actor in the industry, as a workplace, and as a promoter of energy issues. In addition to this, we encourage every resident to embrace responsibility. On this page, we have compiled tips on how you can enhance the eco-friendliness and energy efficiency of your living.

Our Tip List for Home

By keeping the temperature of your apartment within the recommended range – 20–22 degrees Celsius in living areas, slightly lower in the bedroom – you ensure that heating costs are kept under control. Lowering the temperature by one degree can result in a reduction of about five percent in heating energy.

Avoid unnecessary running of water. Although it’s pleasant to shower under warm water, an efficient shower saves a lot of energy. Also, turn off the tap, for example, while brushing your teeth, so that water doesn’t run straight down the drain unnecessarily.

Cooking time is reduced when you use lids on pots and pans and choose the right size burner.

By adjusting the refrigerator and freezer temperatures slightly higher, they don’t need to operate at high power to cool down.

Puhdistusaineet, maalit ja liuottimet kannattaa säilyttää kotona omissa astioissaan poissa lasten ja lemmikkieläinten ulottuvilta.

For example, medications or solvents should not be flushed down the toilet, but rather disposed of properly.

Unnecessary and old medications should be collected in a transparent bag and returned to a pharmacy. Cleaning agents, paints, and solvents should be stored at home in their original containers, out of the reach of children and pets.

Oiva Property Management’s Reporting Channel for Suspected Misconduct (Whistleblowing)

Openness and transparency are guiding values in our operations. We use our own Whistleblowing reporting channel to report suspicions of misconduct. Our reporting channel enables our employees and stakeholders to confidentially report cases where there may have been unlawful or unethical behavior in violation of Oiva Property Management’s ethical principles. The channel should not be used to report customer complaints, incidents, or general HR matters.


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